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Garage Door Remote Control Operators

Remote control operators can be added to a wide range of doors for a very reasonable price and are actually cheaper than they were 10 years ago due to the technology race making prices very competitive. At Complete Garage Doors Ltd. we offer a middle of the range operator and a top of the range operator. Note no cheep end operator as these motors do need to be reliable and through experience we know that these motors tend to break down a lot and our aim is do it properly once, without the inconvenience to the client and ourselves having to go back all the time to rectify an inferior product.
Somfy Dexxo Pro (Mid Range Operator)

Choose Dexxo Pro from Somfy and you have an operator that can be adapted to automate up and over doors on slide away lifting gear, sectional garage doors and side hung doors with activation arm added. (Don't let anybody tell you that side hung doors can't be automated, they can and work very well. These operators are fully programmable for a whole host of features, closing speed, delay time, venting position. There are also optional accessories, such as Battery Back Up to safeguard against power cuts, radio keypad for secure control or photo beams for additional savings. Fully tested for 90 000 cycles - equivalent to 50 operations a day for 5 years.

Marantec Comfort Range (High End Operator)

The Marantec Comfort range is regarded as the Industry leader when it comes to garage door operators. They can be used on the full range of garage doors. up and over, sectional, side hung garage doors. The range has 3 size motors. The 220 (for single doors), 250 (for double doors) and 250 motors (For extremely heavy double size doors) The Marantec incorporates the "soft start and stop system" where by the motor slows down at the end of its run to a perfect stop reducing wear and tear and increasing the life of the motor. Automatic cut-out stops and retracts the door upon contact with an obstacle. Marantec reference point monitors door travel electronically. There are all the optional extras that you may wish as well, wireless keypad system photocell and emergency key release facility. Basically a great operator for trouble free, ease of use.
Electric Roller Garage Doors from SWS

The SWS Securoglide garage door uses the Somfy remote operator. See the roller Door Tab on the main page for a full description.